My Marine Science II students have finished reading MEG and TRENCH respectively. The demand for the book was so great that I had to order extra copies for Marine Science I who had the books for extra credit assignments.

Everybody wanted the books! They were fairly leaping out of my room. Students asked for copies for their parents. The US Navy military recruiter saw a copy of MEG on my desk and asked for copy. I sent an e-mail to my fellow faculty members(and my principal) advising them of the “Adopt-An-Author” program, and how to log on, and they have been investigating the books for use in the science department. I’ve had several of my students blast thru all three books in less than a week, and beg my copy of the LOCH from my desk. My copy of DOMAIN is also loaned out as well, and the other teachers are catching the “Steve Alten fever !” I have literally made our school reading coach, Denise Smith, cry when I told her that I had kids who had never read a book read MEG, TRENCH and MEG : PRIMAL WATERS. She is touched beyond belief! The Zoology teacher came to me this week and borrowed several copies of MEG and TRENCH for her students as well. She brought in a young lad on Tuesday to tell me that he had never, ever read a book before, yet he finished MEG and politely asked to borrow TRENCH. I am just thrilled that the book (indeed, all the books) is going over so well. Oddly, I had MEG in class last year as a loaner book, but there was little interest except for a few students. This year, I had the school order a classroom set of each of the three books, gave them to the students as an assignment in Marine Science II, put your poster, photos from the website and e-mails up on my board, and the kids lost their minds ! Soon MEG MANIA was gripping my classes. The word spread……..MEG was COOL !! Here are some quotes from some of the more recent book reports:From Kim C. “The book Meg was a very satisfying book. It was everything I enjoy in a book. Meg was suspenseful, romantic, scary , and a pleasing book to read.” From Tyler J. “Anyone who can sit through an action movie will love this book.”From Brittany S. (Trench) “The book is thrilling and you can”t stop reading it once you”re started.” I believe the word “”addicting”” has been used as well !At least half a dozen students told me they had never read/finished a book before, and they couldn’t wait to read the second and third in the series. One young lady was distraught at finishing her third book, so I gave her my copy of the LOCH, and she happily went home to devour it in two days. I have students going out and buying their own copies of all the shark books and the LOCH and then donating them to me after they read them ! ( I got my second copy of the LOCH that way !)I also picked up all three and read them over again just to make sure I had plot lines and characters straight in my head. During the school day we have a twenty minute reading period. Imagine looking on a room and seeing an entire class, including the instructor happily devouring MEG!! (No pun intended ) I love watching my students” faces as they read, and next semester when we do “”shark week,”” we will discuss the good scientific data used in all three of the books. (Another reason I use them.) We will also speculate as to the existence of Megs ! I have several Meg teeth, and copies of some of the bigger ones. I cannot begin to image the joy you must receive from knowing that your books are inspiring new readers. Being the daughter of an English teacher, I am also delighted to see them so moved, and particularly hunger to continue reading the stories. You are a raconteur extraordinaire.I’ll keep you posted on our MEGMANIA here at Orange Park High. I can”t wait for the fourth book to come out, and neither can the students. Any news on a release date on the new book and the movies ? Sincerely,Vicky Loehr OPHS Marine Science Instructor 904-272-8110 ex. 3211

It has been an amazing two months here at Hudson High. We have had students who never read a book, or wouldn’t even pick up a book, reading like crazy!

Their fingers can’t turn the pages fast enough. I had one young man reread Meg because he couldn’t get a copy of Trench right away. When we finish FCAT this week, Charlene and I are going to go on our school newscast to give the kids more specifics about your up coming visit. Thanks Ellen Ray Media Specialist Hudson High, Hudson, FL.

Subj. Grateful fan – From:

Hi Steve. can’t begin to tell you how your MEG series has changed my life. In a nutshell, MEG was the first book I ever read from beginning to end (I was a “cliff notes” guy in high school).

Furthermore, my interest in your writing style has brought me to read all of your current novels. I read them on the exercise bike, the beach, and sometimes in bed. if it wasn’t for your books and my newfound desire to read, I may not have had any interest in finishing college – but I did! I truly believe a large portion of my degree I owe to you and Jonas. It would be an honor to meet you and have you sign a book for me, or a signed poster or something. Best regards, Tony Ordonez, San Diego

From: Neil Newton

I very much enjoyed our phone conference today Mr. Alten. My students said it was “awesome”.

They all want to read the Trench really bad! I wanted to send you the grade improvements of some of my lower students that you asked me to. Several of my students have been struggling with Literature this year making low D’s and C’s, but those same students scored high B’s and even two A’s on this novel test. I think that speaks for itself when talking about this book grabbing the students’ interest. They were all into this book and really enjoyed it. Thank you so much for this program, your time, and your interest in students!

Dear Mr. Alten, I teach AP English at Union County High School in Liberty, Indiana. I have an AP class of 9 students who read Meg for part of their summer reading. They absolutely loved it, have been turned on to your writing and your works in a big way, and are anxious to find out more about you and the books. These are kids that have deep insight and are great critical thinkers, and they are intrigued by the theories, dilemmas, and science presented in your books. Sincerely, Dianne Oler, English Department Chair and Teacher Union County High School


Dear Steve, You are very proud (and rightfully so) of how many kids you have helped get interested in reading, and I am writing to tell you I have seen your success first hand! One day at the library after school I was sitting and re-reading my copy of DOMAIN. One of my friends had accompanied me (to socialize, not read). My friend Chad has always hated reading, and used to continually make a case of his supposedly limited Language Arts skills. At that moment, he was doing it again: “I have no idea how you can read so much, or how you can possibly enjoy it. What’s your secret?” I have been trying to get Chad to read more for years, and I had heard this little argument before. An idea sparked in my head, as I know your efforts on getting teens interested in reading. ” Here” I gave him my copy of Domain “Read this, you’ll like it”. “You kidding me? This thing is HUGE” He then skimmed the synopsis. “AND it’s all science and shit!” I pestered him to at least take the book home, though I didn’t think he would do anything about it. This was the Friday before Christmas break, and I didn’t see Chad for about a week after that day. I was suprised when I did: He came in from the cold and bear hugged me. He pulled from his coat DOMAIN, and shocked me: “This was the bomb!” He then elaborated on certain things in the book he liked in the book, excited like I had never seen him over a book. Then he shocked me AGAIN. From his coat pocket he pulled: “Resurrection ain’t quite as good so far, but still great”. Chad then told me how much he enjoyed the mythology of DOMAIN and the few pages he has read of RESURRECTION. Now, I have never even heard him say Mythology, let alone talk about the deeper meaning of the Mayan civilization in a book. He and I cleaned the library of all your books (as well as my own collection) and are now almost done with RESURRECTION and will move on to my personal favorite THE LOCH. Chad still has a lot of trouble with reading, so we spend most days reading (often out loud) from your books at the library next to our school. In fact, I have just come from one of our reading sessions! I will definitely tell you more of Chad’s progress. Thank you so much for your hard work, and congratulations on this success! Sincerely, Stephen Lovins


English teachers, I have used the novel MEG for four years with my tenth grade special education students. The book has its own reputation within my school because at the start of the school year my new students will ask me when I will “let” them read it! Many of my students are reluctant readers and have little interest in books, so trying to find exciting and interesting books which appeal to them is always a difficult task. MEG certainly gets kids “hooked” on books. I have not had one students out of the 80 students in the past four years not love the novel. Attendance goes up and discipline issues go down during this unit. We research sharks, do a reader’s theater, make dioramas from our favorite scenes, learn a little science, discuss conflict, analyze characters, communicate with the author through our written letters (which he answers each one personally), have fun on the interactive web site, and argue over who gets to update the class on where we left off! The excitement and enthusiasm is overwhelming while we read this novel. I think my students have said it better than I ever could with their own personal comments. “I got really interested in the book and went to the library and checked out the book and read it on my own time.” Ryan B. “Thank you for writing this book. It was one of the best books I have ever read.” –Nicole Agullana “I loved this book so much that I read ahead of the class and Mrs. Clark told me not to tell anyone what would happen next. We did some fun activities to go with the book too.” –Bryanne Grady “My mom and dad thought I had gone crazy one night when they came in my room and saw me r-e-a-d-i-n-g! They had never seen that before!” — Jennifer Atwood I have continued to keep MEG in the fore-front of my literature program by reading TRENCH (the sequel to MEG) as a read-aloud. Reading MEG and seeing the book change attitudes and misconceptions about literature reminds me of why I wanted to be a teacher. The satisfaction I feel as a teacher is as exciting as the enjoyment my students receive from the book. The book was the answer to my “sluggish” curriculum. –Ellen Clark, Intervention Specialist, Worthington Kilbourne High School,Columbus, Oh


Hi Mr. Alten I’m 16 years of age and in the 10th grade and you’re the one who got me reading, with Meg. Hell you’ve got my whole family reading a lot more than we used to. I’m writing in regards to Domain and Resurrection, I wanted to know if they’re related and if so which book comes first, because I ended up reading Primal Waters before I even knew that Trench existed. I can’t wait for part 4 and the movie but I’m really looking forward to Sorceress, because Goliath was off the wall entertaining. I could not put it down I literally fell asleep with it I was so tired. Best wishes to you and yours, Tony Santoro. Hope to hear from you soon.

Subj: THANK YOU! From: SalustriN@NBPS.ORG (Salustri, Nancy)

Dear Mr. Alten: You just spoke to the 6th graders at North Broward Preparatory Schools. The kids are thrilled at your presentation. I am one of the science teachers, and I gave them an assignment that I thought would go along with your presentation. The students had to describe a cataclysmic occurrence that changes the earth’s environment, and describe how one species would adapt to the changes. I have not seen them so excited about a writing assignment in ages. I was going to collect it at the end of the period, but so many of them asked if they could continue to work on it over the weekend – I certainly agreed to that! Thank you so much for such an enjoyable presentation! It meant so much to the kids – and to the teachers! –Dr. Nancy C. Salustri, Middle School Science, North Broward Prep.

First I would like to thank you for writing this book. I teach integrated science at a D rated school in West Palm beach with all of our strategies on reading and this book is perfect for my curriculum! We have read the first two chapters in class out loud and I have never in my 16 years of teaching seen student who want to volunteer to read. One young lady told me today that, “”This book is pretty good Mrs. H.”” One of my ESE children told me he has never read a book before and he volunteered to read today, I am just amazed! Please tell me when the movie is projected to come out and when we can view the trailer? Maybe with some help I can hope to take my kids to see the movie and compare the scenes to the book. Antoinette Hornyak

Ms. Shugrue’s Class 5

Dear Mr. Alten: When I was reading Meg I was “”pulled into the water”” next to the Carcharodon megalodon as it terrorized people and marine mammals. It is the first book that I found pleasure in reading. It was entertaining, informative and riveting. From the beginning to the end I was attached to it. The way you described the story made it sound like it could really happen and I think that is why I liked it so much. Every detail was realistic whether it was about the 7-inch teeth or the 7-foot dorsal fin. When I said I was “”pulled into the water,”” I was serious. The 60-foot megalodon shredded through boats and people. I felt as though I was next to the shark. I couldn’t put the book down. It was as if I was one of the characters, feeling fear run through my body. I visualized myself walking down to the beach and seeing whale carcasses with 10-foot bite marks in them. This book changed my outlook on reading books because it made me feel like I was part of the story. When I look for a book, I pick the ones that make me feel this way. The book was so good that I read the next two of the trilogy right after. Sincerely, Harry Rovner

I just wanted to let you know that my kids are loving your book. They are all of the edges of their seats every time I read! It is really nice to see. We just finished up a Meg debate ( whether they exist or not) and the kids blew me off my feet! I can’t pick a winner…the research was just fabulous! Just to give you a heads up; you will be receiving emails from my students regarding connections to the text. We are investigating the roles of a reader and one of those being the responsibility of making connections to the text ( eg text to real world, text to self, text to text etc.) My students decided that it is impotant to help you better understand the book and the characters experiences and emotions. They then were prompted to find out how the authors connections may present themselves within the book. So, in short, my students will be emailing you to find out how your connections have influenced your writing. I hope that you don’t mind. I know that you are very busy, but this insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank-you so much. P.S- the kids were really excited to receive our Meg poster! Amy Parliament

Dear Mr. Alten – I am teaching a critical thinking class at Lee Magnet Middle School in Bradenton, FL- a school for the performing, visual and communication arts. I have eight students in my critical thinking class and I thought that this would be a great opportunity to introduce my students to MEG. I never could have imagined the positive response to reading that I have gotten. My students have been thoroughly engrossed with the book and have begged me to let them read the other books in the series. We have completed all of the vocabulary and questions that are included in the Adopt-An-Author curriculum. We have also created to scale models of a diver, a bear, a great white, an elephant, a squid, a humpback whale, a sperm whale and MEG. This activity incorporated math and reading as well as artistic skills and creativity of my students. We have been “commissioned” by the principal of the school to create a full scale model of MEG so we can get even more students psyched about MEG. I have had students who have seen our poster of MEG as well as our artwork stop by my room to check out my copies of MEG and the Trench (Primal Waters will be checked out soon I am sure!) My students have written the attached letters to you and are really hoping that you will be able to visit our school later in the year once we have read all of the books and have completed our MEG model. Thank you for writing books that show students that reading can be exciting! We look forward to hearing from you! –Rebekka


Hello…my name is Chris Stutzman…..I e-mailed you recently…..and I just wanted to say that I just finished reading Meg: Primal Waters and I just have to say….”WOW”!!! I read the last 2/3 of the book in 2 days because I LITERALLY could not put it down. I have a good friend that is borrowing it now because I told him that he had to read it. To tell you the truth…..(and I’m not just saying this)….I really didn’t like to read until I read your books. That was the first book that I read without being required to take an Accelerated Reader Test over. I actually read for enjoyment….the first time in my life. I can’t wait to read “The Loch”!!!! I hope I don’t sound like a really annoying person…..I just wanted to let you know that your books ROCK!!!! So… Keep the Meg series coming….. A BIG fan of your books, Chris Stutzman of Roanoke IL.

SUBJECT: first book that got me to read for school – From: NFLBOLT14

Hello. My name is Erik and I’m 25. I was not the brightest student and the only honors I ever got was in English-Lab. I never read a book in my life and would merely breeze through chapters and try to sneak my way around test and grades. Well, it finally caught up to me when I was 17. Now my school chose the books for me, but Piner allowed me to pick my own. I went to the book store with my mother and came across your Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror. I read the flap and was completely drawn to purchasing this book. This was the first book I ever WANTED to buy. Long story short I read the book( which is the first time I have ever read a book from page one to finish), did a written and oral report, and received an A. I still have the report dated and signed by the teacher. I found it in my room along with your book. It just brought back memories. This is the Author and the story that got me through school, depression over my brothers illness, and my thirst to read more. I have since graduated from the school. I still live in Santa Rosa and now I help my dad out at work so he doesn’t have to as much. I have since read and purchased all your books and am starting The Loch today. I have the Meg series in hard AND paperback. When a student asks my advice or asks me “have I read any good books lately?”, I always reply “Sure have! Anything by Steve Alten! His work got me to read in the first place and got me interested in literature in general.” I’m not on the Internet much so I haven’t been to your web site before. Good luck with your career and thank you for being an inspiration to me to read more, and a passion to live more. Highest regards, Erik Subj: From a Marine Biology Teacher Date: 6/13/01 12:28:03 PM Central Daylight Time From: (Mr. Hank Binger) Our marine biology class on Long Island (Carle Place High School) as a class end of the year project made a C. Megalodon mural and did tons of research. Your book has excited the RESEARCH and INQUISITIVENESS in many a marine bio student – THANKS STEVE. You made my job a pleasure. –Hank Binger, marine biology teacher, Carle Place Senior High School

Mr. Alten, My name is Kristina Corbin. I am a Middle School English teacher in Bullhead City, Arizona. About a month and a half ago, my husband was desperate to find a book that he had heard so much about. It just so happened that it was around the time of his birthday. I went on-line to the Borders website and ordered him Meg and The Trench. My husband had also told me about the Adopt-An-Author program. I kind of put the Adopt-An-Author program in the back of my mind, until the day I brought up the premise of Meg to my seventh grade boys. My husband had been giving me a play-by-play of Meg, so much that I was able to relay the information to my seventh graders without having read the book myself. The incredible thing was that my boys were actually interested! In eight weeks of teaching these students, I have not been able to hold their attention so completely. Most of the students in my classes come from lower socio-economic status and several are in such a bad situation that they only get to eat at school, because their families can’t afford food. Needless to say, academics, including reading, are the last things on their mind. When I saw how interested my students were in the story, I registered on your “Adopt-An-Author” website. I fully intend to buy a classroom set of Meg, and three other classroom sets of books from your website, if funding allows. I wanted to commend you on the program as I’ve read it so far. To put together a set of novels designed especially to ignite the fire for reading, which has been snuffed during the Middle and High School years, takes a great person. I am so excited to begin the Adopt-An-Author program with my students. Again, thank you for the opportunity and means to reintroduce reading to our children. Sincerely, Kristina Corbin Mohave Accelerated Learning Center 625 Marina Blvd., Bullhead City, AZ, 86426 (928) 704-9345 ext. 302

Subj: Kudos! From: (Ruth Zurich)

Dear Mr. Alten, When I took you up on your offer to participate in the Author in the Classroom project last year, I was merely hopeful that you could inspire my many reluctant readers. Mission accomplished! I assigned students to read a science fiction book. When I said that the science fiction book needed to be read by Feb. 18, I heard weeping and gnashing of teeth, wails of “I CAN’T!” etc. I assigned them to read the first 15 pages of MEG and the first 15 pages of Jurassic Park. Thirty of my 49 seniors chose your book, absolutely hooked on it from page 1. Most had finished the book within a week’s time; they were disappointed in the ending–they wanted to know what happened to “that guy.” I said, “Well, you’ll have to read the sequel, I guess.” “There’s a sequel?!!!! I’m buying it tonight. What is it?” So a number of them will buy Trench and start reading something independent of an assignment! That will be the first time they’ve done so they tell me. The kids in this class are weak readers who have been stymied by the conventional classics. Let’s face it, the language of The Scarlet Letter is intimidating to say nothing of the themes and moral of the book. They are currently engaged in a research report, investigating the scientific elements underlying the novel. They can research whatever pleases them as long as it’s something connected to the book. They had questions–what is Alvin? What is the Mariana Trench? Could such a creature really survive? etc. Go find out! I just thought you’d like one more feather in your cap! You deserve it for helping me to create life-long readers (I hope). I’ve used your book to launch investigations into book reviews, scientific research, writing skills needed for reports, geography (since they have to locate a map of the Mariana Islands), etc. It’s been invaluable. Even more valuable, they have NOT complained. Thanks and you will be hearing from them, –Ruth Zurich, Brown Deer High School–Brown Deer, Wisconsin

Subj: FROM A STUDENT  From: (Kari Evans)

Hi, it’s me, Kari again. I wanted to say thank you. Your book helped me to decide what I want to be. I’m 16 now and when I’m in college I’m going to try to be a marine biologist. I love sharks and I love your books, Meg & The Trench. Thank you once again, you are my favorite author.–Kari Evans (#1 fan)

Subj: Progress Report – From: (Donald Chouinard)

As I write this letter, my students sit quietly before me reading MEG. I had set aside this period for a discussion of the events so far (they had to read to pg. 114), but when I mentioned that, they begged me to allow them to simply read. In the spirit of Teen Read Week, I agreed. It’s remarkable. They are really enjoying the novel – some have even written to you. We have reserved the library for our next class period. They will be researching topics they want to know more about (in relation to Meg). We’re going to make a bulletin board with what they find. Very rewarding teaching experience. The students are extremely enthusiastic about this! –Don Chouinard Eng. Teacher, Ft. Kent Community H.S., Ft.Kent, ME.

Subj: From a Student – From: WUZZUP729

Dear Steve Alten, I love your Meg series. Meg and Trench were the first books I have ever enjoyed reading. I am 15 and I am diagnosed with A.D.D. I have trouble reading for long periods of time because I lose interest easily. That did not happen while I was reading these books. They have truly been my favorite books of all time. Thank you.– Jonathan Moody


Subj: Meg – From: UltraLictor

I love your book, its totally original, I’m in Mr.Klenk’s marine science class. When we started reading Meg, it looked like another shark book, but it turned out to be much more, I couldn’t wait for every other day to read the book so I asked my mom to it for me, she did, and then I found out about The Trench, it too is a great book.. Ever since I was little I was fascinated with sharks, and this book sparked further interest in them, thanks for writing such a great book. I hope they make it into a movie.–Mike Mirande

Subj: big fan! – From:

Dear Mr. Alten, My name is Matt Blake and I’m 15 years old. I just wanted to say that two years ago I hated to read, no matter how hated my parents tried they could not get me to read an entire book. However, my father then introduced me to MEG, and told me I would enjoy it. Obviously I was hesitant because reading was the last thing I wanted to do, however, after reading the first chapter i was hooked on that novel. I read the entire book in two days! I even cancelled a night out w/some friends so I could finish the novel. Now every book you write I rush out and buy them right away. I’m still not a big fan of reading unless it is a book you wrote. I just wanted to thank you for writing books somebody like me could enjoy. –Matt Blake P.S. I’ve read MEG three times and the TRENCH twice…they are the best and I’m looking forward to the third one, I just found out that there was going to be a third one on a website about five minutes ago! I cant wait! P.S.S. DOMAIN was a great book too! Your books are the only ones I look forward to reading!

Subj: letter to Author – From: (Michael Lindsay)

Hi, my name is Michael Lindsay and I am a student at George Washington Carver High School of Engineering and Science. I have recently enjoyed a wonderfully put together book called “MEG”. I thought when I had to read the book as a summer assignment that I wouldn’t like it one bit, all based on past books. I just wanted to write you and tell you that you inspire me. I say that you inspire me because this shows that a kid from the inner-city of Philadelphia just like can do something as big as you have. I look forward to more books from you. — Michael Lindsay

Subj: Thank you! – From: (pcruise)

I heard you on “Coast to Coast” radio and went out and ordered MEG for my 12 year old son who hates to read. It took about a month of coaxing him to get him to read it long enough to get into it–but when he did…it was great! He’s now reading The Trench and wanting me to get Goliath. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! –Peggy Cruise

Subj: Thank You From A Parent!! – From: (Jerry and Tonjia Potts)

Mr. Alten, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your responses to my students this past fall. Some of their questions were so repetitive and basic that I know you must have gone out of your mind; however, you never made any of them feel awkward for their questions. That’s quite a feat. Again, I thank you for letting me know about this program. My students really enjoyed reading the book, and their excitement has spurred many of my juniors and seniors to read MEG as well. Many of them begged me to get the librarian to order the Accelerated Reading test for Trench. This has been done, so at least a dozen of them asked for the second novel for Christmas. Although most of my students this year were already avid readers, MEG still took them to a place that they had never been. This is not the type of novel that they would have normally chosen, and they are excited about the prospects of a whole new genre to explore. You really helped make this semester a success, and that is saying something with 30 students crammed into one classroom for 90 minutes a day. I certainly hope to be able to continue this program with my sophomores in the future. –Tonjia Potts, Hampshire School, Hampshire, Tennessee

Subj: School visit – From: MosleyT@NBPS.ORG (Mosley, Tina)

Mr. Alten, You were so awesome!!! The kids and the faculty loved it. It takes a lot of talent to keep their attention that long. Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to come in and speak. You just acquired 200 new middle school fans! Thanks again! Sincerely, Tina Mosley

Subj: Just finished Domain – Very excellent! – From: (Jay)

Mr. Alten, I was sitting in 11th grade American Lit. a few weeks ago and my teacher had a book sitting on her desk. I picked it up and looked at it. Reading the words, “IT’S THE BEGINNING OF THE END,” I instantly became hooked. I took the book and sat at my desk, reading what it was about. I came to the conclusion that I had to read it. Later that day at home, I asked my dad to buy it for me. So, we went to Barnes & Noble and bought it. On our way home, I started to read it. Over the next few weeks, I couldn’t put it down, which caused me to get in trouble a few times in some of my classes. I stared to feel as if Dominique and Mick were actual people. I never read sci-fi. It’s too boring for my fantasy-genre’s taste, but I absolutely thought this was an awesome book. Thank you for writing it and, I can’t wait till Resurrection comes out. –Jay

Subj: Adopt-An-Author Program – From: (Sue Cox)

I teach a Resource English class, 11th grade. We are just about finished with Meg. My juniors have thoroughly enjoyed it. I have read the entire book to them, aloud. Thank you! The FREE poster is also very impressive. It is hanging right above the table where we sit. A terrific program!-Sue Cox

Subj: Re: Hello from Texas! – From: (Ramona Lowe)

Dear Steve, My name is Tony Yacoub and I’m in the 9th grade here at Coppell High School. Mrs. Lowe (my English teacher) decided that as a class the first novel we should read would be Meg. At first, my classmates and I decided this would be a boring thing to take up time during the day. After the first ten pages, I was hooked!!! Everyday for the past three weeks I have looked forward to my English class so I can find out Jonas’ next step. Now that book is at an end! I have gone out and bought The Trench to read at home in my spare time. I did have a few questions though. Whatever happened to Heller? Last we heard from him he was pulled to “safety” in a boat, but later the boats were attacked. Secondly, I would like to know when the third book in the trilogy will be released. Hope to hear from you soon! Sincerely, Tony Yacoub

Subj: Adopt-An-Author Program – From: (Christopher L Ruhf)

I am an 8th grade English teacher and big fan of your novels. My students find your subject matter interesting and motivating. I am able to create an entire unit based on the ideas your books pose. My students were thrilled to actually get e-mail from such an exciting writer. You are awesome. –Andrea Ruhf

Subj: Never liked to Read – From: (SIEGE)

Mr. Alten, I am a huge fan of yours. I have read all 3 of your books and I love them. A couple years back when I was in seventh grade I wouldn’t even touch a book. But then my friend (who never stops reading) showed me MEG (I have always been a shark lover). So I decided to read it. AND I LOVED IT! I kept on reading it over and over. So then I went on to DOMAIN and TRENCH and they were great. I can’t wait for your next book. Keep up the good work.– CHRIS

Subj: Your Books – From: (Rob Wilkie)

I just wanted to drop you a note a tell your books are the best thing to happen to me in a long time. When I was younger I was labeled as Learning Disabled, basically nothing could hold my attention. A few years ago I read MEG and was so enthralled with it I could not put it down. I just recently finished Trench and love it as well. I never read so my wife was happy to see me enjoying something besides television. For the many hours of enjoyment you have given me thank you so much.–Robb Wilkie

Subj: Sr. Class – From: (jjohn4)

Hello Steve. My name is Jim Johnson. I teach a Senior Modern Novel class at Brookside High School in Sheffield, Ohio. Meg is one of the hottest books I have. I’ve had to buy extra copies because of the demand by the kids. We’ve had great discussions concerning it and I just finished, The Trench, so I know I have another great one to spring on them. Just wanted to let you know you’ve written two very excellent books and my classes and I enjoy them very much. By the way, Angel is pregnant. Is there a sequel coming? -Jim Johnson, Teacher, Brookside H.S., Sheffield, Ohio

Subj: STUDENT LETTER – From: (DeVerna, Christopher)

I ordered MEG from amazon this summer. I probably read it faster than any other book I’ve read before. MEG was so exciting to read that I just kept flipping the pages. I can honestly say that reading MEG, and learning about the possibility of a movie filled me with so much interest and anticipation. My girlfriend had to tell me numerous times to “shut up” because I kept talking about it with everyone (like an over excited little kid). One other interesting note. A high school friend of mine got a D.W.I. over the winter and was placed on house arrest. Anyway, this life-long friend doesn’t read books very often (a giant understatement). I brought him the book when he was on house arrest, and predictably his response was somewhere along the lines of “yeah, right, well I don’t think I’m gonna be reading any books.” as he looked down at his Playstation and a stack of new games. However, his interest began to noticeably change as I told him about the book (again in my over-excited child like manner). Much to my surprise, he actually read the book, and to his surprise he couldn’t put it down. Now we both share the same excitement. –Chris DeVerna, Charlestown, RI

Subj: SUMMER SCHOOL PROGRAM – From: (Ramona Lowe)

My summer school students are devouring Meg. They come in early and ask to read ahead–I’ve been working with some of these students for a year, and that is a first. Thanks so much for the book and for your Adopt-An-Author program. It’s been a big part of our summer curriculum!–Ramona Lowe Coppell High School Coppell, TX

Subj: Thanks! – From: (Jim Conant)

I am the proud mother of 8 children ranging in age 6-19. I love to read but do not have a child that seems to have picked up that joy. I was so excited to find that my daughter’s English teacher will be reading “Meg” next semester. Mrs Hess in an English teacher at Cocoa high here in Cocoa FL. I would have been so excited in High school to have had that opportunity. –Sue Conant

Subj: Hated Reading – From: (zach r flass)

I’m am sixteen years old and my name is Zach Flass. The thing is that I hate books and I have only read two or three books in my life. I try to read a book and can’t get past the second page. My friend referred this book to me and we much alike so figured “Hey might as well give it a try.” So I bought the book, and started reading it in fourth period , and I couldn’t put it down, I loved it. I only read during school, and I finished it the next day, and I am a slow reader. I really think you should make a movie, that would be the greatest thing in the world. I just thought I would tell you what I thought. -Zach

Subj: Thank You So Much! – From: (loves forsaken one)

Dear Mr. Alten, I want to thank you for such an interesting book(MEG).My 13yr old. passed the 7th grade by the skin of his teeth. While he has the capabilities to be one of the best students, His lack of motivation had brought him closely to failing. I thought this summer would be very strenuous trying to find something to motivate him. Just to get his nose out of the PS2.I have always had a fascination with sharks and my son had shown some interest in them as well. I finally got him to read a book. I had read MEG awhile back, and wanted to read it again. I was finally able to find a copy of it and started reading it. As I was reading it, I would tell my son some of the things that were happening in the book. I could see the book in my mind. And also could my son by the way you described some scenes. My quick little bits of the book piqued his interest enough that he read the whole book. Now I know that you might not understand the accomplishment that is. But maybe this might help you to understand. Your book, MEG, is the first book he has read outside what they make him read in school. Thank you, Brenda

Subj: Class – From:

My name is David Quart, colleague with Ellen Clark from Worthington Kilbourne High School in Worthington, Ohio. With her recommendation, she has turned my 10th grade Special Education class into a class that LOVES to read your book MEG! I have a small group of eight young men, who can not put your book down, they actually dislike leaving class! It is great! Thank you for your terrific writing! -David Quart, Thomas Worthington High School, Worthington, Ohio 43085

Subj: MEG in Classroom – From: (Julie Lewis)

This is great. I bought the book (Meg) late in the past school year. I couldn’t put it down (I loved Jaws when I was in high school), then I gave it to one of my students who’s an avid reader. She also couldn’t put it down. Then the school year ended. I plan to buy the next book in the series for the upcoming school year. Thanks so much. I know this is one set of books that will get students reading.-Julie Lewis Domain is a masterpiece Steve, your thriller had me at the edge of my seat reading long into the night. Great Book for young readers, like me, who hate to read! I was a person who only read cause I had too. Not anymore thanks to the king!–Anthony Pinto (, a freshman in high school. (Phila.)

Subj: ALTEN BOOKS as a teaching tool – From: (Donald Chouinard)

Steve: I only had to put DOMAIN on my desk in my classroom, and students started to ask questions. As for MEG, I have yet to encounter a student who didn’t “devour” the book once they started reading it. –Don Chouinard, English Teacher, Ft. Kent Community H.S., Ft. Kent, ME

Subj: I LOVED YOUR BOOK!!! – From:

My name is Allison and I read book “Domain” in 2 days! It was a never ending battle to stop reading it. I enjoyed it VERY much and I am looking forward to it’s sequel “Resurrection” to come out. My Librarian Mrs. Shiela, loved it! I am 14 and I love to read so for my sake could you please hurry and get the sequel out!! Thank you for reading my letter and I look forward to your next book. Thank you

Subj: FROM A STUDENT – From: (Gil Cabrera)

Just writing to inform you that I have just finished reading Domain and it was great! I must tell you that it has been a while that I have been so enthralled by a story that I couldn’t stop reading. I’d hide away to get some chapters in, missed a couple of classes at school. I even found myself passed out drooling on the pages one night simply because I refused sleep to grab hold because I wanted to see how Mick and Dominique get away from Raymond. I loved it. Anyway, I babble. If you’ll excuse me I’m going to read the book again.–Gil Cabrera

Subj: FROM A STUDENT – From: Mouse1038

My name is Katie and I am 14 years old and have always wanted a career in marine biology. When I read the back summary about Meg I automatically knew the book was good and bought it right then. I am now currently reading The Trench and I absolutely love it so far. I think you are the best writer I have ever seen! Love always,-Katie

Subj: DOMAIN Date: 6/12/01 10:07:34 – From: (Amy Milo)

At the homeless shelter where I work at I get many clients who can not read or have trouble reading, because most of the books they do pick up are not riveting to read. I had a client ask me about a book I was reading (Domain), and he asked to read it when I was done. From that point on, his nose was buried in the book. Now he is reading the Trench. Several of my clients have suddenly shown an interest in reading! Thanks,–Amy L. Milo

Subj: DOMAIN – From: (The Nolen’s)

I just wanted to let you know my 16 year old granddaughter-Amanda, has read all your books and loves them! As soon as she finished Domain she asked me to buy her the sequel! I laughed and told her she had to wait for it to be written. Boy, was she dismayed! She said it wasn’t fair to release Domain and not have the next one available. She had been studying about the Mayan civilization in high school. At this current time she doesn’t have a p.c. otherwise she would be in contact with you! Love the books keep them coming! –Eileen Nolen

Subj: From a little town in Wales, UK! – From: (Elizabeth Bennett)

Dear Steve, I’m 15 and I first read “Meg” when I was 10 years old. Even then when I totally didn’t appreciate any writing I loved it! It totally captivated me! I have since read it three times. It’s my favorite book ever. I’m currently reading “The Trench” for the second time. Yesterday I spent five hours on my arse reading, and today I sat in the bath for like an hour and a half reading, I came out like a prune! In two days I’ve read 243 pages! I’m so proud! When I read the first chapter of “The Trench” I was sitting in my living room with the radio on quiet so I could concentrate. I pictured myself aboard the Proteus and it scared the hell out of me. A massive little welsh fan.–Elizabeth Bennett

Subj: I HATED READING – From: BobBobson808

I read MEG at the suggestion of a friend and thought that it was the best book I’ve ever read. I’m 15 years old right now and didn’t really like reading until I started reading MEG. It virtually sucked me in and I couldn’t stop reading it until I was finished so I immediately went out and picked up Trench to see how the story would end. I loved both books and the action was non-stop and incredibly addictive. If there is any story that should be made into a movie it should be this one. If it does get made into a movie don’t change a single thing because it was perfect the way it was. Thank you for getting me back into reading and writing this great book. Bye. –Michael Irish, from NY

Subj: MEG

My name is Alex Jones, I am 16 years old. I read your book MEG about two years ago… I read it in one day. Your writing skills are beyond that of any other book I have read. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I recommend the books to a whole lot of my friends and teachers. MEG, is probably my personal favorite novel, and I am currently devouring your sequel, The Trench. I truly hope this becomes a motion picture, thank you. Your Fan,–Alex

Subj: MEG & TRENCH – From: Biagiosgirl

I’m going to tell you how I found my first Steve Alten book. I was in Tampa Florida browsing through the gift shop when I saw THE TRENCH. I picked it up and started reading. After that I persuaded my mom to buy me it. [ I forgot my money] I finished the book on the plane right before I threw up, almost, that’s how much I loved the book. I hunted down MEG when school started. –James Harmonay,10 years old of West Harrison NY …THANK YOU

Subj: Loved your book! – From: (Debra Garlinghouse)

I just finished reading Domain. I couldn’t put it down. It was the best book I’ve read in years. The combination of history, science, psychiatry and a great storyline kept me hooked. I’m looking forward to your next installment. -Deb Garlinghouse

Subj: Just another e-mail from another fan – From: (Ben Wilson)

I am just another simple fan e-mailing you to tell you about your wondrous writing ability. Your writing is amazing. It’s like nothing I have read before. I have read both “Meg” and “The Trench” within a two week period. Having just finished the ladder of the two, I decided on e-mailing you to tell you that you have done a superb job of captivating your audience. I know I’m only 16 years old, and that these books were targeted more to adult readers, but I found them amazing. Thank you for taking time to read this, and if at all possible, please send me an e-mail back just showing me that you got this.– Ben Wilson

Subj: Your Books – From: Alley314

You know you’ve written a damn good book when you can get a 17 year old, who laughs when people say to read a book, to actually read it and then read the sequel also. Those being the only 2 books I’ve ever read with out someone making me. Once again congratulations on 2 “kick ass” books.–Jen, 17,

Subj: Meg – From: (sean hargreaves)

My name is Sean Hargreaves from Lancashire England, I have never read a book in my life but when I was handed a copy of Meg couldn’t put it down I thought it was excellent. I have been to the local library today and have a copy of the trench which I will start reading tomorrow!

From: (Belinda Boyce)

My students are in the process of reading Meg now. Some of the students have come to me and said that this is the best book they have ever read. One boy said that he stayed up until 2 AM reading, he was so into it , he couldn’t put it down. Is there a movie? Is it being made by Disney? The students are asking. I’ll check your web site, but again it was great to hear from you, and thanks for making my job so much easier. Belinda Boyce

Subj: thanks – From: Rxteacher

My daughter Lydia started reading your books two years ago and it turned her into a reader!! I am secondary high school literature and writing teacher and I couldn’t even influence her. Of course mothers are not a high priority when it comes to encouraging a teenager to read. Thanks so much for keeping in touch with her ( I am very impressed) and caring enough to e-mail her your up-coming novels and news of your film. Congratulations. Edie Andrews

Subj: I just received the book plates and the posters. – From: (Jon Kirkland Bonham)

I’m not worthy!!!!! I’m not worthy!!!! I just received the stuff you sent, I am so grateful for this program, I think a few of my kids that are reluctant readers are really going to go with this trilogy. I’m so pleased. We have little to offer them in quality contemporary literature that they can invest themselves in. You, as my children in class would say….”are the bomb author”. Three of my kids thus far are clamoring for the books. One went out and checked it out from the neighborhood library. He’s loving it. I am so excited about sharing this series with the kids. Thank you for creating such fine pieces of literature to make Where the Red Fern Grows more palatable. -Jon

From: (Holly Richert)

Dear Mr. Alten, My 10th grade English class just finished reading MEG. They loved it. Thank you for everything you do, –Holly Richert

Subj: Meg – From: (JoAnn Barnes)

Dear Steve, I am a reading teacher at King Philip High School in Wrentham. MA. Last Spring I received your adopt-an-author program information and decided to give it a try. I read Meg over the summer and decided that this is the type of book that my students would enjoy. I received your poster and information and ordered the books. Recently my 3 sophomore reading classes began reading the novel and they love it! We did research into submersibles, the Mariana trench, megladons, etc. They have created art work and are currently a third of the way through the book. You have begun receiving email from my students and they are excited that you are writing back to them. I am keeping their correspondence in a folder for others to read. I have planned many more activities for my students and will keep you informed as I develop the unit. When we finish the novel (it could take a while –slow readers) I would like to set up a conference call in our media center so that all of the students who have read Meg can participate. We will have final projects displayed and I plan to have refreshments. It should be a real party atmosphere and the kids will be thrilled that you can participate over the phone. Thanks for your interest in our students. –Jo-Ann Barnes, King Philip Regional High School

Subj: Your Book Meg – From: (Sarkis Apar)

Hey Steve my name is Sarkis, I am from Plainville and I go to the King Philip Regional High School. I am reading your book Meg. I think it is a great book because there is a lot of action and adventures it makes me think about when I am reading the book. I am on page 151 and I can never put the book down because I always want to see what happens next. Usually I can’t get into reading books because I only like to read a story if it has action and puts me in the place of the characters and puts a picture in my head of what I am reading. Your book is just great at doing that because I imagine seeing the female Meg bite the male and the male Meg chomping on the Abyss Glider. Your book is the best and I would like to see more books and authors like you. Thanks for the enjoyment of reading your books.–Sarkis Apar

Subj: Meg – From:

Hey this is Crystal I want to say hi. Really like your book The Meg. I am in 10 th grade and I never read if I don’t have to. My reading class is reading your book and I am way a head then the other classes because I can’t put down your book at night.– Crystal Mullen

Subj: Praise for ‘The Trench’ – From: (Allison Cross)

Dear Mr. Alten, I’m a freshman student at Garces High School in California. Our English class recently read ‘Meg’ and wrote an essay on it. My English teacher recommended we read ‘The Trench’, and because I had loved your first novel so very much, I borrowed the teacher’s copy and read through it in two days. I must say I’m in LOVE with the second novel, all the conspiracies floating around, I LOVED it. Very cleverly written. Will you be writing a third? If so, can you give a hint as to the story-line? Anyways, I typed up a review for the school paper, and I thought I’d pass it along to you as well. Thanks for writing these two excellent novels!!! –Regards, Allison

From: Hockeyaron

Dear Mr. Alten, I have read the Trench and Meg cover to cover 4 times each. I cant tell you how much I love reading your writing. My name is Aaron, I live in CA and im currently a junior in HS. I recently did a book report on Meg. Honestly I hate reading, the only reading I do is of magazines like car & driver, super chevy and road and track. When it comes to lame school books I haven’t read a single school required book since freshman year! But when I was in 6th or 7th grade I was in my neighbors room who is now a senior and he was reading Meg at the time. He told me just to read the first chapter, so I did. and wow, I was blown away! I HAD to have your book, so I made my mom go out and buy it for me and I read your whole book in 3 days! Since then I’ve read each of them a couple times. Sincerely, Aaron

Subj: critiques from the 9th and 10 graders – From: (jeanne cesteros)

Dear Steve, We read MEG. The testaments follow. Enjoy the critiques. Jeanne Cesteros, Central Decatur High School, Leon, Iowa. <><><><> What I liked about the book The Meg was that it wasn’t boring; it always kept me on my toes. It made me wonder what was going to happened next because there was always something exciting that would happen.

Hi ! My name is Ann Taylor, and I really enjoyed your book. I plan on reading your other books. I have never read any of your books before until my English teacher showed it to me and I found out that I would be reading it for class. At first I thought that the book was going to be boring because some of the books that she has chosen for us to read are boring and don’t have much excitement to them. As I started to read your book it got really interesting . When I got to a part where the Megalodon was about to attack, that’s when I knew that this book was going to be good.

I enjoyed reading the MEG very much. Your book seemed very real, and I felt like I was there myself. Thanks, Katie

My name is Heather Puckett. I go to Central Decatur High School in Leon Iowa. I just got done reading your book. I am only 15 years old. Anyway, I am supposed to tell you what I liked about the book and what I didn’t like about the book. What I didn’t like about the book was when you talked about blubber and blood, I mean gross! I really do not like that kind of stuff. The things that I liked about the book was that some parts were exciting, and I love to read books that when I stop on a chapter and I am excited to read the next one. My name is Lacey Burton and I am in 10th grade. I loved your book.

Subj: MEG – From: (JoAnn Barnes)

Dear Steve, My class has finally finished MEG and I am thrilled that they actually read the book. For some, believe it or not, this is the first book that they read completely…quite an accomplishment for sophomores in high school. I would like to set up a conference call between you and my three classes. Thanks, Jo-Ann Barnes, King Philip Regional High School

Subj: Loved The Book – From: Dmxai3

Hello, my name is Earl White. I’m 13 and have recently finished reading your novel MEG. The book really was my favorite book I have ever read. It grabbed my attention to the fullest extent. Some nights I’ve stayed up till 2 in the morning because I couldn’t put the book down. Actually, the day I finished the book I made my mom go out and buy your sequel, can’t wait to start it. Your story of how you became an accomplished writer inspires me to never give in. I hear a movie is trying to be produced and really looking forward to that (need any extras give me a ring, just kidding). Well, hope you can write back. Thanks!

Subj: MEG the movie – From: (Mercedes Ravenna)

My name is Mercedes and I am 24. I have never been a big reader, actually MEG was the first book I ever made it through without losing interest. A few weeks before Christmas I was telling my sister how that book would make a great movie. While she was searching for MEG for herself, she found THE TRENCH and gave it to me for Christmas. I loved it!! Thank you!

Subj: Presentation – From: (Mercedes Nunnally)

Dear Mr. Alten: I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed the presentation that you delivered to students at Edward H. White High School. I have really gained interest in reading MEG so I will be heading straight for the Library when I get off of work. Once again Thank you. –Mercedes Nunnally

Subj: Diagonal Community High School – From: (Shaun Kniep)

We have finished reading MEG: A Novel of Deep Terror and my freshmen loved it. We finished the book awhile ago, but they still talk about it and are taking turns reading the only copy of THE TRENCH our school has. Our e-mail has been down and therefore, I couldn’t get these e-mails out to you earlier. I will be sending you a series of e-mails along with movie clips from the presentations the kids did about the book. I have attached also my lesson plan. Some of the students have done re-enactments and some have made models. All were done very well – the movies aren’t the greatest, but our other camera that takes full length digital movies was not working at the time. Thank you for all your help and support this year while we were a part of the Adopt-An-Author program. The kids absolutely loved this!!Sincerely, Shaun Kniep

Dear Mr. Alten, I liked your book. It was very exciting to read as we went through it in class. It would be very cool if the shark would really be above the cold water. On the other hand, it might not be so good if it would act like it did in the book. I thought it was very detailed and I believe everybody else did, too. I was one of the students who made a replica of the Tanaka Institute. Sincerely, Joe Werner

Dear Mr. Alten, I am a ninth grader from Diagonal Community High School. My class just finished reading one of the books you wrote called MEG. My class and myself were very intrigued by your book. It was a great story, and well written. I think your book is a great story, keeps you on your toes until you finish the book, but even then after you finish, you still need to read the sequel to find out what happens to Jonas and Terri and the baby MEG. A very good book!!! Thanks for writing it! Sincerely, Gina Gunsolley (Gina did the model of the Meg coming after the helicopter with the help of a former student in the class.)

Dear Mr. Alten, I just got done reading the thriller MEG. It was a great book and I’m looking forward to reading The Trench. What made you come up with a book about a prehistoric shark called the megaladon? I wish you would have a movie about this shark – it would be AWESOME!! Sincerely, Josh Ford (Josh also worked on the Tanaka institute replica.)

Dear Mr. Alten, I am a freshmen at Diagonal High School in Diagonal, Iowa. My freshmen English class just read your book MEG. It was a great book!! I wish I could get time to read your second novel THE TRENCH. If I could see a MEG I would probably freak out!!! I just have one question, why did you decide to write about the subject? It was a great idea. Sincerely, Robbie Mason

Dear Mr. Alten, I am a ninth grader at Diagonal High School in Diagonal, Iowa. My ninth grade English class just finished reading your book MEG. I was thinking this was such a good book that you should make it into a movie. I have started reading the sequel and it is pretty good. Sincerely, Bradley Bentley

Dear Mr. Alten, I liked your book a lot, it was a really good book to read. I liked when I found out that there was a female MEG and it ate the male MEG because it got caught in the cables of the KIKU. And then it was really good when the female MEG surfaced and when no one would believe Jonas that he saw it rise until everyone saw it for themselves. I especially liked it at the end when he had to shoot like a rocket into the female MEG’s mouth. Then he had to cut through the stomach into another compartment where the MEG’s heart was. Then he started cutting up the blood veins of the MEG’s heart and he got out of the shark’s body and finally realized he was in love with Terry. Sincerely, Joey Ford

Dear Mr. Alten, We like your book a lot. We are now passing around The Trench. All the people in the class liked the book. Why did you want to do a book about a prehistoric shark? Sincerely, A.J. Christensen

Dear Mr. Alten, My freshmen English class read the book MEG and I think that we all liked it a lot. I was kind of wondering what made you write about the MEG and did you have to do lots of research on everything in your book because it was very detailed. I especially liked it when they had to escape from the MEG. I have been wanting to read the TRENCH, but everyone else is lined up to read it, so I have to wait a little while. I was wondering where your hometown is? Is it around water where there are sharks? Are you afraid of sharks or not? Do you like to dive? Thank you, Shaun Walkup

Subj: Author’s visit – From: JCULL4186

Dear Mr. Alten, The Jefferson Davis faculty, staff, and especially students, would like to thank you for taking time out of your very busy schedule to visit our school and talk about how reading is very important to our young minds. You told all of us that not all reading is boring, and after I read your book “Meg,” I was convinced that you were right. “Meg” is a true novel. It is not a surprise to any of us that “Meg” was a best seller. You are such a great writer. You took it up a notch from “Red danger alert to overload.” We all look forward to reading the sequel and can’t wait to see what you come out with next. Thanks again. We enjoyed you thoroughly and hope you can come back really soon. Yours truly, Colin McClow The Comet Team and the Jefferson Davis family

Subj: fan club – From:

I’m fifteen and all of of your books kick ass. I got an A+ on my book report because I read Meg3x and the Trench2x and Domain 1 time. I am studying biology in high school and you books really caught my eye so keep um’ coming and thanks. -Matt

Subj: Conference call – From: (JoAnn Barnes)

Dear Steve, Thanks so much for taking the time out to talk to my students. They thoroughly enjoyed it and it was all they could talk about for the rest of the day (even to their other teachers). I am thrilled that they actually read the book. It was a pleasure to teach it and have them participate. Now if I can get them to continue reading Trench I will be happy. Thanks again, Jo-Ann Barnes King Philip Regional High School

From: (Barbara Pope)

I never really liked books. But once I picked up Steve Alten’s “Meg” I couldn’t put it down. David Pope, age 14

Subj: Stahl Junior High – From: (Katharine Saalborn)

Greetings, I teach language arts and reading at the junior high level. My reading class is currently enjoying MEG and it is wonderful to see these reluctant readers eager for the next chapters–they never want to stop reading. They were very excited to view the information on your website and very inquisitive when they found out they could write to you. I just wanted to warn you though that you may get many emails from this address. My lower readers tend to come from lower socioeconomic backgrounds and often my computer in not only the only one they have access to, but also often the only one they have yet used. I have given them access to my email address in order for them to contact you. Thank you for this great opportunity! Geni Saalborn Stahl Junior High Puyallup, WA

Subj: MEG – From: (Doug Kansier)

I read the book in 8th grade and it was my favorite book for like 3 years.


Subj: MEG – From:

Hello. My name is Alex and I am a 13 year old female. I just finished reading your book ‘Meg’ today. I thought it was such a good book that I couldn’t stop reading. I just always had to know what was going to happen next! I’m usually not that interested in sharks but when I read the back cover of ‘Meg’, I thought it would be interesting. But let me tell you, it was FAR from just interesting. It was probably one of the best books I have ever read. Plus, it got me very interested in the Megalodon. I immediately went on the internet and looked around and found many interesting theories on the survival of the Megalodon. I know I have many friends who love thrillers. I showed them the book ‘Meg’, and each person has asked to now read it when I finished! Also, when my mother saw it on the table after I had just bought she picked up and finished it within a matter of 3 days! I am hoping to read more of your books because I am quite sure they will be very well done too. All the best to you, your book and your research of this wonderous creature. Thank you for your time.

Subj: Ashlee Holden – From: (Katharine Saalborn)

First of all let me start off by saying I love your book. Our teacher reads it to us everyday when we get into class and the whole class trys to get her to read it the whole class time. Thank you so much!!!!

Subj: Shawn – From: (Nicole Swigart)

I am a remedial reading teacher at Stevens High School in Rapid City, South Dakota. I have been amazed as I watched a reluctant reader devour your book The Trench. I have always enjoyed your book myself, but as often is the case with my students it is hard to find the right book for the right kid. Shawn picked up your book and would not put it down; he read every spare minute he had. This was amazing and really thrilled me. I have urged him to check out more of your books and thought you may want to know that you made a difference in a young persons life. The only way for Shawn to get out of our remedial reading program is to raise his reading level. The only sure fire method to raise a reading level is to read. Your book got Shawn to read as he never has before. Thank you.

Subj: English Ed/ESOL – From:

Your historical fiction (DOMAIN) enlightened and mesmerized me. Your plot line hit upon a vast amount of what I had studied in Social Anthropology at the Universidad Iberoamericana with a Dr. Enrique Monedero before the earthquakes of the 80’s took the university down. His doctoral digs and studies were at Teotihuacan, and we were blessed with several “insider tours” of Quetzalcoatl’s stomping grounds. The alien twist seemed quite possible and was intriguing to consider. I have let a particular reading student who adores super-hero stories delve into Domain, and he can’t put it down. I “negotiated” with my Asst. Principal of Curriculum and bought the class set of MEG, and I currently am working on creating FCAT materials to accompany it. (I have enjoyed the website links also.) Most of “my boys” loved the Megalodon concept and the drama surrounding it, so went with MEG as my choice. However, I am a strong advocate of teaching culture to my students since few of them know anything about each other’s life and background. (I teach ESOL and literature grades 9-12.) With parental permission, I am now considering Domain as an option for this class. I thank YOU for your expression of talent and the written pages you have left to us! –Patricia Lara, Cape Coral High School, ESOL Department Head, FCAT Program Facilitator

Subj: Our class is reading – From: (Jodi Becker)

This is Jodi Becker from Berlin High School. I just thought I would let you know that my students are about half way through the book and they are loving it. We took some time last week to research some things on sharks and the Meg. Your website provided us some great information for that project. Our biology department here disects sharks as part of their curriculum, so tomorrow we are going to go look at one of those also. It is so fun to bring in other subjects into English. I would like to set up a conference call with you at some time. Thanks for your time – Jodi Becker – Berlin High School – Berlin, WI

From: Robndenise72

Mr. Alten: For many years I never really liked to read, nothing really ever caught my eye other then some of Peter Benchley’s stuff but since I found The Trench you have captured my mind to your writings. I love your books! I really an in awe with the latest book DOMAIN. I just finished it today and loved every page.

Subj: Domain – From: Eyecaufo

The first complete book I ever read was your book Domain and it was thrilling I actually looked forward to reading it every night. I was wondering when to expect Resurrection to hit store shelves. –Chris Kolacke

Subj: Adopt-An-Author -e From: (TY BURNS)

I loved Domain and I can’t wait for the sequel. I actually use your website trailers to show teachers in workshops to show them your built in book introduction in this age of media. –Ty R. Burns, Library Media Specialist, Cypress Springs High School, 7909 Fry Road Cypress, TX 77433

Subj: STUDENT – From: (Andrew Blackmer)

After my second day of reading I’ve finished Meg and have started The Trench. I am only 14 so it is very rare to see me reading but your book was better than t.v. or anything thing like that. I plan on reading Domain next. I’ve heard nothing but good things about it. I’ve decided to try and read all of your books. My parents will probably kill me though because when I read Meg the only way they could talk to me was to rip the book out of hands and they were very relieved when I anounced that I had finished the book. They have a right to be irriated though because your books are so good i just don’t get anythong done. all I wanna do is read them. I’ve finally found a book that is interesting. Thank you so much for making it. Well I have been away from my book for almost an hour so I need to go so I can get reading. Thank you again for writing these excellent books. I hope there are plenty more to come. –Andrew Blackmer

Subject: MEG – From:

First of all the book was the best I have ever read in my life. Not just to say for myself but when I lent my copy to my older sister she was amazed, along with my little sister, at the time when I read it I was 14, I was scared to go swimming alone…even still. My older sister was 15 and my younger sister was 12. But now I’m 16 and so on. but every time I look at my book with it’s torn and well thumbed pages. I would smile because I just knew if I picked it up I would have to read it all the way through, and the sequel was just as incredible. Anna 16, Jennifer 17, Katelyn 14

Subj: from the teacher – From: (Ramona Lowe)

Thanks so much for your speedy response. The kids are standing here amazed! As you can tell, we did a “visit” to the Tanaka institute last week as the culmination of our study on evaluating evidence. We loved the site and could identify a lot of the techniques you used as the same techniques we’d gleaned from far more unscrupulous infomercials and advertisements (politicians were even better!). We’d love to do schedule a conference call. Here are the student’s e-mails. Thanks so much! Ramona Lowe

Dear Steve, I am in the middle of reading your book “MEG”, and am really enjoying it! It is the only book that I have read in school that I read without the teacher forcing me to read it. You are a great author, and I will probably read more of your books after MEG. Well, I just wanted to say thank you for making school a little bit mare fun, and keep writing more awesome books! -Andy Blanton, Coppell, TX

Dear Mr. Alten, I’m not a big fan of reading so when I just took a glimpse of your book and saw how thick it was I was not all too excited. The first day we began reading I was “hooked. This book keeps you interested at all times. I actually WANT to read this book. The personalities of the characters were so real you can just imagine how they would act or their facial expressions. I’m normally not a “speedy reader” but since I was “hooked” on this book I wanted to know what was going to happen next, so I couldn’t put it down. Sincerely, Whitney Scheller, Coppell High School

Dear Mr. Alten, I have really enjoyed reading your book these past few days. When I first started reading MEG I thought it was going to be one of those types of books that you have to force yourself to stay awake through. I soon found out that it was actually the opposite. I’ve also read your second book The Trench. I enjoyed it so much I would sometimes stay up until one o’clock in the morning to finish reading it. I can’t wait to read your third book and see how everything turns out. Sincerely, Vanessa Richter Coppell H.S. My name is Nathan Sims and I am reading your book MEG. We are about half- way thru your book. So far this book is excellent, and it keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time. I am very glad that we are reading your book in school. You normally don’t read these kinds of books in school, but that is a good thing. -Nathan Sims, Coppell High school, TX

Dear Mr. Alten, Meg, your novel of “deep” terror, has caught my eye recently and has sucked me in as if it were a black hole. This novel is one of the few action books I have actually enjoyed. It is a very intriguing novel in which I have not yet gotten bored, and definitely do not plan on doing so if the pages keep the action as they have so far. I was hooked from the moment I read the first page. It kept getting better and better throughout my time of reading it. Sincerely, Michael Kurtz

Subj: fantastic interview – From: (David L)

After hearing your interview on Art Bell, ran out and got MEG, however after reading the first 4 chapters my son found it an now I have to wait til he’s finished hahaha he’s 12 and I am tickled he’s reading your book and not comics. books. I sure am glad you did the interview because I learned of an author both me and my son can enjoy reading. –David Ludwick

Subj: MEG – From: (Burnadette Shipley)

Hello Mr. Alten, My name is Burnadette Shipley, I go to Carver HSES and we had to read you book MEG for our summer reading project. Your book was the best that they have selected us to read over the summer vacation. MEG was incredibly fascinating my mother and I both read it in less then three days. To sum this up I want to thank you for the enlightening experience that reading your book has been. Thanks. –Burnadette K Shipley

Subj: sacrifice – From:

Mr. Alten, I enjoy your books, but more importantly, I wanted my 20 year old son to improve his non-exsistent literacy. He excelled in sports and his reading and writing skills suffered to my shame. Thank you for giving up your chevy to pursue a career elsewhere, you see…that was the ticket for my son to pick up a book. He drives a 66 chevelle, his baby, his love. He reckoned, if you can give yours up to write, then you are worth trying to read. From a smiling mother to a hard working man, thank you. From the bottom of my heart.–Diana M. Hupe, Village of Bronte

Subj: Your Books – From:

Mr. Alten, I would just like to say that you have written some of the greatest novels that I have ever read. You are the reason that I have once again rediscovered my love of reading. Keep up the good work, and get that final chapter of the meg series finished!!!!!! -John Garrett IV

Subj: Re: Steve is King!!! – From: (Jose Vasquez)

Extinct…..hardly! A breed of author who is rare….yes! Mr. Alten, I never have enjoyed reading until i picked up your novels. You have introduced me to a whole new world with your writings….i felt that i was right there watching this horror unfold in front of my eyes. Your novels prodded my mind and made me think about the possibilities of all the unseen things that sometimes are better left undiscovered. I look forward to the third installment and will pick up DOMAIN and GOLIATH….thanks for opening my mind to the joy of books!!

From: (Percelia Blidge)

Dear Steve Alten, Now, I am going to be honest with, before your novel; Meg. I have never read any of your other novels. I must say that I loved each and every part of Meg. It kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time that I was reading it. It was a stimulation for my imagination. It was something that I truly needed because your book was this year’s summer reading for my school George Washington Carver High School of Engineering &amp; Science. Any other book would have probably bored me. I am looking forward to reading more of your novels.

Subj: meg letter – From: (dimitiris kevin nuble)

My name is Kevin Nuble I am a student at the high school of Engineering and Science. I am very pleased with the idea of you coming to carver to talk to us. To quote the New York Times the story was an “Adrenaline pumping thriller!” That’s how I felt and my fellow student about your book and the idea of you coming to see us. I can truly say that your book has been the best summer reading that the school has assigned us to read. It was a real break from the classic style and I greatly appreciate that. Looking forward to your visit until then a fan.

Subj: Hey,Steve – From: Mrjeffbatz

Dear Steve, My name is Jeff, I run an auto parts superstore, and have, for the past fifteen years equated reading with work, cause’ all an auto parts guy does is live in both reference and, technical/specification books all day long. So the last thing I wanted to do when I got home from work was read–anything… pretty sad huh? Ok, so one evening I was with the warden(wife) at Barnes & Noble books, just waiting for her to, you know, finish making her selections, & I was enjoying my coffee when I spied a copy of MEG on the shelf and thought what the hell, and started reading it, not just reading it but, enjoying it… IMMENSELY. Well, from that night on I started reading again, only now it was for me, for MY enjoyment. That was a few years ago, now I’ve read all your books I’ve always found them great, well written, throughly enjoying books, that have given me hours of pleasure. Thanks for writing such a good story to reintroduce a closed minded forty-something into the wonderful world of reading for enjoyment!!

Subj: fan club – From: (Michael brunswick)

Hello Mr. Alten, Your books really changed my outlook on reading. I never really read much until my teacher had us read a choice of one of your books because you were coming you might remember it ed white high school well I picked domain and I must say it is the best book I ever read and I can’t wait for Resurrection. Thank you from a devoted fan,–Michael Brunswick

Subj: Re: Hello from Texas! Date: 10/22/02 8:58:08 AM Central Daylight Time From: (Ramona Lowe) Dear Mr. Alten, Your book is one of the best books about sharks I have ever read. The way you captured the imagination of my classmates and me was very powerful and breathtaking. How can you make a book like this out of nothing? My favorite part was when Maggie was munched in half by the Meg. I hope that this makes it into a film. Please tell us if you are going to work on it. Sincerely, Walter Banger

Subj: WOW! – From: (Andrew Raniewicz)

All I can say about DOMAIN is WOW! What a great novel. At first I was a bit skeptical because of the topic on which it was written. But because of the love for Meg I hung in there and stuck with it. It turned out marvelous and I cannot await the arrival of Resurrection. I used to hate reading but you have really spawned my love for a good novel. Thank you very much for creating my love for reading. –Andy

Subj: Meg -nFrom: (Jodi Becker)

This is Jodi Becker from Berlin High School. I just finished reading Meg, and I just wanted to let you know that I couldn’t put it down. I read it in one weekend, and that is difficult for me to do, because I have a three-year-old daughter! I think the book is great, and I think that my kids will just love it. I am looking forward to working with you. Thank you for the materials and poster you sent me. –Jodi Becker

Subj: First books I ever read! – From:

Dear Mr.Alten, I received two of your of books for Christmas MEG and THE TRENCH. I am 15 years old and MEG was the first novel I ever read THE TRENCH being the 2nd and I was wondering if I could mail them to you and get your autograph. You are my favorite author. Sincerely, Jake Cooper Ponca City, Ok 74604


Subj: Meg! – From:

My name is Lena. I’m 12 years old. I play the piano and I play soccer. I really enjoyed reading your book Meg! I thought it was one of the BEST books I’ve ever read. I was so into the book it was hard for me to put it down! My mom bought the book at the garage sale and I didn’t really want to read it, but when she read it and said it was good I thought I would try it. Low and behold it was one of the most incredible books I’ve ever read. I loved the suspense and the thrill throughout the book. The ending was a little disgusting when Jonas was inside the Megalodon. I had to set the book down because I was so scared at some parts of the book!!! I’m just starting to read The Trench right now and I hope it is as good as the first one! How did you get the idea for writing Meg anyway? Best Wishes, Lena Rohleder

From: Shortybuff

Dear Steve, I’ve read many books in my life for school. Meg is the first book I’ve read cover to cover. I’m a junior at Manhattanville College. I’m a huge Jurassic Park fan and Jaws fan so your book fits perfect and was truly inspiring for me. My best friend Jason Massett and I always wanted to get in touch with you and tell you this. We didn’t know how until I went online yesterday. Jay told me every day were going tell Steve Alten this. He also told me that when we see the movie that not one of our friends will go with us because solely it was not just a movie to us. We talked about MEG all the time. Jason was killed last Monday at 2:55 in a car accident on Interstate 287 on the 95 ramp in Rye New York. At his wake his sobbing girl friend told everyone about this book that we both spoke about. And she asked me if I knew how happy Jay would be if I did this. Will it be to much trouble to get your time some evening for 5 minutes to tell you this over the phone or IM. Im sure you would like to know who Jason was…heres a sample of many articles Thank you Scott Cohen

NOTE: Alten contacted Scott by phone immediately after receiving this e-mail

Subj: Regarding Jason Masset – From: Guigs 007

Hello Mr Alten, My name is Ryan Champney and I was a good friend of Jason Masset’ s. The reason I am writing to you is that I wanted to tell how glad I am that you decded to honor Jay’s name in your upcoming book. It was so strange because I just went to visit his family for the first time yesterday, since the funeral in January and his brother Justin showed me the Meg poster you autographed for Jay and the Masset’s. Being a big fan reading both Meg, which Jay and I found in the library one day and took turns reading and The Trench I can’t think of any better way than to have his name honored in the next book of the series. Again, I just want to thank you for doing this. It’s been a really rough time these past few months, and hearing about how his name was going to be used in your next book really made me smile, since we both loved reading your novels so much. Thank you for taking the time to read this and even more importantly; Thank you for honoring my friend. Sincerely, Ryan Champney

Subj: Wow, Hi Steve – From:

I read both Meg, and Trench and have been inspired to write. Thanks for keeping me on the edge of my seat. My older brother was recently released from rehab, where he read them as well. He would like to thank you too. Your books made his 28 days go by faster, it only took him around four days to read them. Thank you for the dreams. –John Bennett

Subj: Megalodon – From:

Hello, my name is Kristen Massirer. I’m a freshmen at Mountain View H.S. in Mrs Sobkoviak’s English class. In second semester, I spied your book “Meg” sitting in boxes and I asked my teacher what they were for. She said we were going to read them next quarter. Since I have loooooooved sharks forever, that title really caught my eye! When I read on the cover “a novel of deep terror,” I knew that it was about the greatest predator and greatest shark, the Megalodon. I could not wait to read it! I just got the book yesterday, read the first page and I was hooked! I have been reading it whenever I can. I am way passed the middle already. I love this book! I have so much interest in it because I love sharks so much. This book is one of the best books I’ve ever read! Just the idea that a megalodon could be living somewhere like the Mariana Trench is just mind boggling. It makes a lot of sense with the adaptation of animals and everything. This book really gets me thinking what if it is true? My teacher also told us that there are a whole series of these books. Right after I finish this book, I am planning to go get the rest. Your book has really gotten me thinking. Sincerely, –Kristen Massirer

Subj: A Few Questions – From:

Hi, I’m Kyle, and I’m a big fan of your writing. I’ve read 3 of your 4 books (gonna read Goliath soon). When I first read Meg back in 1997, I was amazed with it and it even helped to push me to start writing a book of my own. Thanks!

Subj: Just finished “Domain” – From:

I just wanted to drop a line to mention that I just finished reading “Domain” this evening. Shortly before finishing however I went out and got “Meg” and also “The Trench”. Although I cannot recall the original reason I picked up “Domain” off the bookshelf, I am quite glad I did. One of my undergrad degrees is in pre-Columbian art history (which I do intend to pursue further) so was quite intrigued while reading it. I must admit that I did go online quite a few times to double check accuracies as well as content, and also to check further into certain details that sparked my curiosity. The fact that I did that is why am writing this note to you. Although I do read quite a lot, very few books push me to delve into a given subject matter further (especially while I am reading said book). Anyway, keep up the good work. –Michael Skrede

Subj: Meg – From:

Hi! My name is Christian Fearnow, I am in 6th grade and just finished your book “Meg”. I thought the book was so good that I did my book-in-a-box report about it. I am now starting “The Trench”, and hope I can do another exciting book report about it. Do you ever do any book signings in Oklahoma? If you ever do could you write me and let me know so I can talk my mother into taking me. It would be really great to meet my favorite author and get my books signed. P.S. I cannot wait to start reading “The Trench”, I just got it tonight and I am really excited about it. Thank You, -Christian Fearnow, Ponca City, Ok 74604

Subj: Adopt-An-Author – From:

Thank you so much for taking the time and the money to talk with my students over the last couple of days. My kids are talking about it all over campus! They were very impressed with you–thought you were a nice, regular, down-to-earth guy. They liked that you didn’t talk down to them; I liked that you were able to go with the flow with 14 and 15-year-olds. They really are good kids. I do like teenagers! Thanks again. Carol Sobkoviak

Subj: Hi this is Sarah McMurry from Mrs. Sobkoviaks class – From:

Steve, Hey how are you doing? I thought it would be really cool to e-mail you after talking to you on the phone today. I thought that was really cool of you to call us. I have really enjoyed your book, I’m glad I have actually found an author that books don’t put me to sleep. do you call a lot of schools and talk to them? I was just wondering who inspired you to write or was it something you just did to get out of the outside world? you know haw you said if we had a name for your book to tell you and you would place it on your list. well I think it would be really cool to be in one of your books. but if you do use my name for some strange reason please don’t kill me off in your book, unless you really want to. well I’m sorry to bother you with all of these questions. well I hope to hear back from you soon. –Sarah McMurry

Subj: you are the best – From: Emwhiteod

Hi, I’m Cameron White. I’m a 13 year old 8th grader in San Diego, CA. In 5th grade, I picked up MEG and started reading it but couldn’t really understand it, so I put it in my bookcase, where it sat for 3 years. A couple weeks ago, I found it. Since I hate having unread books in my bookcase, I started it. Wow. I wasn’t able to put it down. Instead of watching T.V., I would go in my room and read. I would stay up until midnight reading. I told my best friend about it and now he’s reading it. He even comes over and reads instead of playing! I am in the middle of The Trench and can’t stop. I want to be a movie director when I am older, and if MEG isn’t a movie by then, it’s going to be first on my list! Thanks for being such a great author,–Cameron White

Subj: wonderful book – From:

Dear Mr. Alten, Curently me and my class are reading one of your novels titled MEG. I believe this is one of the most wonderful books I’ve ever read. It’s like the perfect horror story. It actually gave my chills listening to my teacher describe the Meg. I mean it’s really great. Is the story based on main events or somthing and how did you ever think up a horrable character like Maggie. I just can’t belive that someone could write this it’s so…. so… captivating. Many words can describe the way this book is so wonderful. But I still don’t get how these ideas come to you and the characters. I sortof wanna know because cerious and also because i want to go to collage to be a major novolest. I would really appreaciate some tips if you have any. I’m really interested in your work and hopfully i will get the time to read many other masterpieces of yours. Well if you could take time out of your scedule to e-mail me i will really apreiciate it very much. As a fan and future writer I look up to your work. hope to hear from you soon. Sincerely, a captivated fan of Steele Middle School, Muskegon,MI

Subj: hello – From:

Hey my name is shanna lopez and your book is really cool. I just wanted to ask u how long did it take u to write this book? well that was all i wanted to ask u. Well I think your book is really cool. I dont think that i could ever read a book that long but yours is just cool. Well g2g, — Shanna Lopez

Subj: Your Book – From:

I love your book. When we started reading I thought the book was going to be boring, but know I know now that the book is good I CAN’T WAIT for the sequence to come. my farovite part was when he was giving the liturer and his wife walked in ,started to rush him. WHen they got to the ball thing and bud and maggie started dancing , she put bud hands on her butte jonas got mad ;walked over and slipped him that was very funto pitcher it in my mind. Keep writing and writing you will be blessed then what you are now. –LaToya Johnson, Steele middle school

Subj: hey what is up with meg – From:

Hey my name is Erica Wiggins. Your book meg is my favorit book in the world. What do you think you will write about next. You book’s inspirer all use at steele middle school’s 8th grade. We hope to write you again. Well G 2 G. write to you later. bye – bye

Subj: I Love Ur Book!!!!!!!!! – From:

Dear Mr Alten, I apsulutly love your book. i can’t believe all that details and characters. How did you ever create a horrrible person like maggie? It seems shes so selfish and bud is conceded and all the other characters are cool. except for dr.heller hes mean. that phileape person is so cool hes is so funny that acsent is like the quicky mart dude off the simpsons. I can really relate to how hes feeling if i saw somthing that i would react the same way with out the whole devil thing. ” Mac” is so awsome he is so alive and funny. He’s like the perfect party person. Sincerely, A FAN DJ of steele middle school

Subj: Finally beginning! – From:

Hi. This is Jason Lindell at Steele Middle School in Muskegon, MI. We’ve finally been able to start MEG and the kids are really liking it. We’ve been doing the Curriculum and using the Study Guides. We’re around page 140 and it’s going extremely well. Today is the first day we’ve come to the lab to write some e-mails so hopefully you’ll get some good ones. Thanks again for the great program. Looking forward to some of the art and poster projects near the end. Sincerely, Jason R. Lindell

Subj: Comments and questions!!!!!! – From: Ajasgirlpower

I just wanted to say that the book you wrote called meg is really good. I’m reading it in school in my language arts class. At first when my teacher said we are going to read a shark book, I thought it was going to be boring because i don’t like sharks!!! After reading the first 5 chapters, I knew it was going to be really interesting!!! I just have to ask you one question. Does a Megladon really exist? Thanxs -Aja Nash

Subj: Thanks – From: GTR 500

First off, I want to thank you for 2 things, 1. getting me to start reading again, it has helped me in many ways in the past 2-3 years, and 2. Getting me into writing my own books, although small. After reading “Meg” and “The Trench” i got hooked on reading. Most of all, i love reading your books, they have everything I like in them, action, great characters (I’m actually one in “primal Waters”), and terrific plots, and after reading “Domain”, I’ll buy anything that you wrote one word of. Happy writing, –R C

Grateful 7th grade teacher – From:

I have previously written to you about how much I LOVE your books, but wanted to reintroduce myself again. My name is Kim Martin and this is my first year teaching. I have been reading Meg to my seventh grade class. THEY LOVE IT. I can’t tell you what it feels like when I read to them and I see the crawl upon the floor to sit at my feet. I look up and the entire class is just staring at me read. Not mention if my class gets a little loud, which all seventh graders do, I tell them I will not read the book unless they quiet down. Well Steve, these kids sit up and straight and won’t open there mouths after that – for fear I will not read to them. Now, the Meg series is my absolutel favorite. I am an avid shark lover. My classroom is filled with pictures and I have rubbed off on my kids. They go home and if they see a National Geographic show on sharks – they watch it and learn from it. You have made my first year of teaching english a successful one. I turned non-readers into readers and that is greatest reward! –Kim

Subj: Writing – From:

Dear Steve Alten, We meet at a book signing about 2 years ago, and from then on I have been writing short stories. Im not saying that I blame you but “I cant stop writing!” I never use to like to write at all, just read. Now I’m in the mists of writing a book on world domination. I thank you for the inspiration to write, cant wait for Primal Waters. Meg Fan– Steve

Subj: Regarding Domain – From:

Dear Mr. Alten: I have just finished reading DOMAIN, and I must say that I quite liked the book. I am a college student studying archaeology, and I found the book to be well-researched and a great read! You may wish to know that you have influenced my area of concentration. Formerly, I was studying the archaeology of the Celts but, having read DOMAIN, I have decided to start studying the fascinating ancient cultures of Mesoamerica (and I am currently studying the fascinating Nazca Lines). Thank you for this book. Have a great day. –TJ Royall

Subj: Domain – From:

I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed reading your book, Domain. One of my former students will be attending high school in September. His mother wanted me to help him with the summer reading, which is your book. I bought a copy before summer school started and couldn’t put it down. I bought ten copies the very next day to use it for my summer school reading enrichment class. The students LOVE this book. Last night I decided to check-out your website. WOW! I was impressed. I downloaded the Curriculum for Domain. My students are writing journals for each chapter in the novel. Many of them as asking for books about the Mayan civilization, Kukulcan, and other books that you have written. I am planning on teaching Domain in September as a required reading for World History while teaching the section on Mayas, Inca, and Aztec civilizations. Thank you very much for your website and curriculum guide. Thank you for your interest in helping young people to read. Respectfully, Betty Jean Cockrell

Subj: Fan – From:

Mr. Alten, I loved your book Meg. I’ve read your book a dozen times and read it to many of my friends aloud. I owe you a lot because your book is one of the things that proved to me I wanted to become a research scientist in Marine Biology. Thank you , Meredith Cavanagh


Dear Mr. Alten, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for calling us during class today in Ms. Lowe’s 5th period English class. Your book entitled MEG is by far my favorite book. I am currently reading The Trench. I think that it is awesome that you interact with schools. I admit that when I first started reading your book Meg I thought by reading the first chapter that it would be some weird dinosaur book, but as I kept reading I got more and more interested. I love your vivid imagination and I think it is awesome. Just an hour ago I joined your fan club. I plan on reading all of your books eventually. –Chase Fullington

Subj: i read your book meg – From: TrentReznorBabe

I just wanted to say im a big fan of Meg. It was an awesome book. I’m a senior in highschool, and i was just looking through some of my mom’s books, and it was the one out of her collection that interested me. After i read it, it made me wanna better by writing skills. So, i just wanted to say your an awesome writer. thanks. -Laura

Subj: A Beginning -e From:

My name is Marshall and I am eighteen years old. I can’t begin to explain how your novels, especially Meg, have enticed my passion for writing. I remember picking it up in a library one day, turning it over, and reading the synopsis on the back. Immediately I knew that this book could inspire my ideas to come forth on paper, and thus, I began to write screenplays. I fact, and this is a little naïve, but I wanted to begin by writing the Meg screenplay, if it wasn’t optioned already, because I knew that a movie based on a plot of this sheer magnitude could succeed where many movies had failed. Don’t worry, I stopped the pursuit a long time ago, but I did begin my research on writing, and now I’ve written four long screenplays and a short. I’m sure you’ve receive hundreds of e-mails of this sort, but I still thought that it was necessary to thank you for helping me to discover what I now want to pursue as a career; movies, and writing is hopefully my first step. Any advice that you have would be much appreciated, especially on how to get your work out there. Also, if you ever know of anyone who wants some free help on a movie set, just tell them that there’s a kid from Canada who’s willing to lend a hand.Looking forward to your response, Marshall

Subj: Your books – From:

Hello! I just want to tell you, I love your books. They helped inspire me. You see, I’ve always wanted to do marine biology, but I wasn’t sure what I would exactly do. So my mom gave me a book of hers she said I’d like. MEG. I read it about 3 times. Then she got me the second book, the TRENCH. I’ve read that one 2 times. I’m hoping to get your other book called Primal. It looks good. I’m really into your deep-sea horror books. And thanks to them, marine paleobiology sounds like it would be perfect for me! (I wanted to be an archeologist when I was. I mesmerized 100 different types of dinosaurs!) Well, I’m glad I finally found your e-mail. Bye! Love and Light, Mercedes

Subj: Thank You! – From: XxPiMpMaStA BxX

Dear Mr. Alten: I would like to thank you for writing the greatest books I have ever read! I am 15 years old and I attend Monsignor Farrell High School in Staten Island, NY. I hated reading books so much but until my English teacher found out that I loved sharks, I’ ve loved sharks ever since I watched JAWS as a little boy (I hope to be a Marine Biologist when I get older!), she had a copy of Meg and offered it to me to read. I finished the book in 1 month, which is very unusual for me because I don’t like to read. It was an excellent book! Reading it was the most fun I have ever had reading a book and it was so interesting. I’m a big guy and I play football and everyone says I’m a tough guy and usually those type of guys don’t read books, but I went around school and told everyone about your book and how good it was and everyone looked at me like I was a weirdo but that’s how good the book was. So anyway about a year later I was in the mood for another shark novel so I looked for another one of yours and I happened to come by The Trench. I had no idea that it was a continuation to MEG and I thought it was so weird and funny. But I just started reading it and I’m up to the part where Jonas is getting ready to get on the boat to catch Angel, it is so good. I can’t wait until Primal Waters comes out. I would really like to know when it comes out, if it’s possible. I would just like to thank you for writing great novels. P.S. Are you a marine biologist? Because you know so much about sharks.Thank You, Brian Johnson

Subj: Meg – From:

I really enjoy reading your novel MEG for my grade 10 communications class. As I read the book it gets me very curious as to what’s going to happen next. I don’t read many books or novels and this one is too interesting to put down. What gave you the idea to write about this huge sea creature? How did you know so much about what aquanauts do? Since I enjoyed this book so much, I am more than willing to read more of your books. Yours truly, Marilyn Cote

Subj: MEG – From: 

I am a student in the Adult Basic Education class at SIAST Kelsey Campus in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. My name is Joely Gamble and our class is reading your novel MEG. It is very suspenseful and interesting. I couldn’t get into the book when I first started reading it, because I usually only read true crime. This book is a very good one and I enjoy it very much. I am wondering if the MEG really does exist; does it? Well, thank you for your time.

Subj: i loved your book!!!! MEG – From: PK JOKA

I loved your book, MEG it brought excitement and thrills and is now the number one book on my list it it really inspired me to learn about these creatures never heard about them but now am fascinated to know they once roamed the earth.I received this book on a project from our school called”Project Read” and thinking it was another on of those books that were meant to keep u busy while the teacher read magazines but this one really hit me, Mr.Alten I thank you for the books you make to entertain and inform us and i am glad to say you inspired me Mr.Alten to become a writer someday hopefully this inspiration will come true i thank you again and i hope to read every book you make ….

Subj: Your books changed my life – From: Terasor12

Mr. Alten your books changed my life. They made me want to be a marine bioligest. I’m so greatfull you made your books. I want to study deep sea treanchs to prove megalodons live cuz if the great white survied the ice age a megalodon wood.–From Terrance Develes

Subj: Thanks! – From: MiStERWiGGlESBs

Dear Mr. Alten, I just wanted to write to say thank you your book have gotten me back into loving books. I’m currently living in Boca Raton Florida attending Spanish River Community High School. The first book of yours I read was over the two thousand and two summer vacation for extra credit. The book was MEG and it was superb absolutely wonderful after that I read Trench then Goliath which I loved. Then came Domain in my tenth grade English two class. Over the recent summer I read MEG and Goliath again! . Then just yesterday I bought your new book well I hope it’s new I do not know when it came out called Resurrection I just started it and it is wonderful I read some at the end of each class in school. So anyway thanks again for all the help you have given me. I love your books and hope to read some more in the future. From Benjamin H. White

Subj: MEG – From:

Good Morning Mr. Alten! My name is David Quart, a teacher and colleague of Mrs. Ellen Clark in Worthington, Ohio. Last year, my 10th grade English class read MEG as a reading assignment, and absolutely loved it! As a matter of fact, a few of them are now reading copies of TRENCH which I purchased 10 of to have a class copy. This year, we are in the midst of reading MEG again, and to no surprise my students are truly enjoying the book again. They would like to write you and ask you a few questions if that would be appropriate? We have your autograph and poster of the newest MEG cover hanging on our wall, and I know my students would love to have the opportunity to converse with you. Thank you for your wonderful writings! By the way, has Primal Waters been published yet?! Thank you, Dave Quart Special Education Teacher, Thomas Worthington High School, Worthington, Ohio 43235

Subj: New Teacher – From:

Greetings, Steve, I am a 10th grade English teacher from Fort Kent, Maine. I was introduced to the Adopt an Author program by Don Chouinard. I am so excited to begin the program! I have photocopied the materials from the website and I am eagerly waiting to begin this novel with my students. I just want you to know how incredible I think this program is. For you to take the time out of your busy schedule to answer e-mails from students and teachers is just phenomenal! Thank you! Jamie DesJardins Pelletier

Subj: add me to the fanclub – From:

Hello! I just started Resurrection and I’m loving it. I’ve read Domain recently (awesome book) and Meg (senior year for marine biology class), and you are my favorite author!(I used to hate to read, but I can’t stop reading your books!) I can’t wait to see what happens in Resurrection, when I finished Domain I was so sad, but then I read the epilogue, and saw that there’s a sequel, I was like YES!!! I got so excited. So anywho, I love your books and I would love to be added to your fanclub. Thank you. Cecilia Perez-Ferreiro

Hey, This is Erin (from Hudson High today the 20th). I just wanted to thank you for coming to visit the school and talk to the student body who attended the assemblies. I and so many others really appriciated it. After all it’s not everyday you get to meet a author whom writes one of your favorite books. Your books truly did inspire so many students to write and read more than they had originally. Your books have opened up a world where almost anything can happen including a 60ft prehistoric shark returning from the depths, to a Mayan civilization predicting the future of two young boys whom are to save humanity from total destruction. Again, thank you for your books, and time out of your probable busy life. One of your many fans, Erin Driscoll Hudson, FL. Subj: From a Parent Date: 6/12/04 12:28:03 PM Central Daylight Time Dear Steve, Just a word of thanks for all your efforts to recruit the kids to read at Pahokee High this past year! It is our 2nd year at the school and we are working feverishly to get the International Baccalaureate program off the ground. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and she bought and read Meg, The Trench and Domain. She even got me reading! I read Meg and am about to start The Trench. Anyway I just wanted to thank you for coming to Pa High because it was awesome of you. Thanks. Karen McCarthy very active parent

Subj. Thanks from a teacher

Steve, I just got my posters! My students just started The Trench today! I swear before all that is good and holy, this is the first time I have seen students eagerly reading! Thanks again, Yardan W. Shabazz, Indian River High School English Department



Once again, I am so pleased that I made time for a novel in my curriculum! Today marks our second “in class reading””, and I have had wonderful comments from students regarding the excitement and readability of MEG. Since many students are reading in other classes, I opted to teach two science units, geologic time and oceanography, with class time devoted to reading. It’s ideal! The kids are engaged; their enthusiasm is apparent when I say it’s time to stop reading (groans of displeasure, imagine!) and I truly feel they are enjoying the lessons. -Patty Kirsch, Boca Raton Community High School

From A Parent

Good Morning Steve, My son, Nicholas, is at the Eagle Academy in Belle Glade, Florida and told me about your visit last week — he has never been so excited about reading before or about meeting someone — as a matter of fact he has never liked reading before until he started reading “”Meg””. I also wanted to say Thank you for being such an inspiration for my son, you may not even realize you are, but YOU ARE! Have a great day, Linda A. Mineo, Greenacres, Florida

Subject: Phobos -e From:

Hi I’m a 7th grader in New River Middle which my teacher required me to read domain and at first i thought SNORE but now I’m addicted to it and read resurrection already and would like to know when Phobos is coming out thank you.

Subject: Eagle Academy -e From:

Mr. Alten, I am writing you as a extremely proud parent of a recruit in the Youth Eagle Academy in Belle Glade, FL. Before Eagle, my son would never pick up a book much less actually read it, and all I have been hearing about is your books. I would just like to thank you for touching my sons life through your writing. He is already looking forward to the release of Loch, which I will be the first one at the bookstore for him to receive. Regards, Patricia A Vega (Recruit Summers).

Dear Mr. Alten, I have been meaning to write you this little letter to thank you for getting my interest back in reading again. It was back in 2000 when I first saw your Meg novel on the book store shelf. The title stayed in my head for a couple of months and when I was preparing to go to England in June of that year, I picked up your novel Meg to read on the flight over. I found that once I started to read Meg that I could not put it down. I don’t know what it was about your novel, but ever since I finished that book I can not wait for the next one you put out. Now I am not a fast reader, but when Domain came in paperback, I read it in about twelve hours. I even had the paperback version of Goliath sent to my flat in Melbourne, Australia when I was there for a year back in 2003. I tried to find it in the books store there but there was no Australian distributor for the book. Thank you again for writing novels that everyone can enjoy. Thank you again for getting me interested in reading again. Keep up the good work. Just a fan. Ivan Harris

Dear Mr. Alten, You came to my school on Friday, March 12, I was so exited to see you! To tell you the truth I am not a big reader, it is not my favorite hobby, but when we picked up the Meg book in our science class, I couldn’t get enough. In class we were not reading fast enough so I had to suffer and wait, until one day I told my mom I couldn’t wait any longer! I had to get the book for myself. I got the book and read it from the point we were in class. I got home and wouldn’t put it down! This book has gotten me to read and I am very glad. I plan on getting all of your books!! You are such a great writer! Thank you for writing! Write back!! Sincerely, Your biggest fan! Megan Taylor


Dear Mr. Alten, My name is Crissy and I am a Junior in High School. I took a novels class this year and I came across your book “The Loch” in our library. I read it and was amazed to find that it was the first book since the Harry Potter series to hold my attention to a point where teachers had to take it away during class. This book was so good. I absolutely loved it and I can’t say that about many books. You are a great writer and I cant wait for your new book to come out so I can read it. I think that you are one of those few writers that has written something that deserves to be a movie. I just loved it. This book was so good, it was probably one of the best sci fi books that I have ever read. You are great. Huge Fan, Crissy Hanson


Hi Mr. Alten My name is Kahla and Im reading the newest version of “Meg” in my science class! The novel of deep terror I believe its called. I was just contacting you to tell you that I absolutely love your book I hated my science class I thought it was tidous and uneventful. I always wanted to fall asleep but ever since we’ve started reading your book ive grown to like and even appreciate science. Im scared to death of sharks any way so at first I wasn’t to happy about reading it but I feel in love with it i’ve recommended it to 3 or 4 of my friends.”Meg” Has made science so much better so i just want to say thank you for writing this novel and again I LOVE IT!!!! Sincerely, Kahla ( 9th grade science class reader)



Thank you sooo much for coming to our school. I’m Rachel…the one who wanted to shake your hand. Thanks again for signing my books and shaking my hand 🙂 You had told us to E-mail you about becoming a character, and what do you need to do that? Descriptions or anything like that? I want to go to books a million tomorrow and buy the rest of your books. I can’t wait to read them. Thanks again soooo much Steve, you’re the best!!!! Your #1 fan Rachel


I just wanted to tell you that my general American Lit 11 class just finished MEG, and although they were hesitant at first (the size intimidated many of them!), they really enjoyed the book! I only have 11 students in that particular class, and I am grateful that this got them reading. I am hoping that they will choose some of the other books that you wrote to read on their own as well. Again, I thank you for making my job less stressful. I heard little moaning and groaning when I’d give a reading assignment! I have just about all of your books (I bought them after finishing MEG), and will use my summer break reading them as well! Thanks, Melissa Pepple, Perry High School Lima, OH